Ice Bear Therapeutics is a US based (Seattle) Lifesciences company which has developed a revolutionary biotherapeutics manufacturing platform which uses Mammalian Cell lines in a patented continuous manufacturing process to significantly increase the production potential of a pipeline while dramatically reducing both cost and time. Our first candidate for the platform is Biosimilar Insulins Glargine and Lispro. With diabetes prevalence approaching 500 Million people globally, recent regulatory changes to the biologics framework in the US and accelerated biosimilar FDA clearance path, the commercial potential for our platform is very large as we get ready to enter into phase 1 trials. We are currently engaging with large disruptive pharmaceutical companies to showcase the platform economic potential to produce biosimilar drugs at 1/10th the current cost in 1/5th the time. We are also targeting organizations who are looking to establish closer supply chain solutions for insulin production which can be rapidly deployed and managed in closer proximity to patient populations with our ability to deploy and produce insulin continuously in less than 3 months with a fraction of the required upfront infrastructure compared to current Fed Batch systems.


What we need: An investor who understands the disruptive potential that continuous manufacturing with mammalian cell lines could have on the biotherapeutics industry. An investor who sees the necessity of decentralization of insulin production as the future to address accelerated demand curves that will put current Fed batch manufacturing practices under extreme duress. Strategic partners who similarly share our vision to make life saving biotherapeutics accessible, affordable and available to all populations in need equally while delivering strong fiscal returns that drive the continued expansion of use cases to achieve the full potential of the platform technology.



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