Company overview

Ice Bear Therapeutics SPC is a cutting edge biotherapeutic manufacturing platform that is championing continuous manufacturing processes through mammalian cell line technology to produce biotherapeutics faster and cheaper. The first two candidates manufactured with our technology are going to be biosimilar insulins Glargine and Lispro.

We chose biosimilar insulins because we see a huge opportunity in the market that is being accelerated by three factors:
a) a rapidly growing global prevalence rate with currently 451m patients and $24M spending on insulins,
b) an increase in demand globally for biosimilar drugs and
c) a changing favorable regulatory landscape for faster Biosimilar FDA clearances. The key to taking advantage of these factors is low cost, rapid manufacturing processes, which we now have.

We are currently looking for partners and investors that see the same opportunity to disrupt the current risk heavy centralized manufacturing model with a cutting-edge continuous manufacturing technology which will bring biosimilar insulins to everyone globally.

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